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Celebrity Short Hairstyles

Although being able to pull off one of the many celebrity short hairstyles may look impossible, it's much easier than you may think. Victoria Beckham brought along her stylish bob when she came to the United States, and it has been turning heads all over the world. The longer layers in the front and short layers in the back make her look sleek and sophisticated, and all she has to do in the morning is run some hair wax or moose through her hair to make it look more defined. Beckham's bob can be worn to the park or on a date, since its versatility can portray almost any look.

Another great style that many would love to have is the famous Halley Berry's short and wavy look. It works best for those who have either wavy or curly hair, but can still work for those who are willing to use a curling iron every morning to achieve the same look. By cutting the hair into different chunks, the hair is left looking smooth and full of volume at the same time. Hair spray or gel will keep the different chunks in their place, or you can use your hands to scrunch the hair for a more playful look. Halley Berry has one of the most manageable celebrity short hairstyles, and it can be easy to achieve and maintain.

Cate Blanchett is very well known for her wide variety of hairstyles, many of which have been short and sexy styles that can be easily duplicated. Although her classic long blonde hair can look beautiful for almost any occasion, her short styles can make her look sophisticated and like a classic beauty. One of her favorite looks was when her hair was cut just below her ears, especially since she had many different options for various hairstyles. At the premier of her movie "Babel", Blanchett chose to wear her hair pulled back into a small bun with tight waves flowing over the side. The style was amazing, and was very simple to achieve.

Paris has swapped her extensions for a sweet graduated bob. This 'do has texture, gloss and sex appeal. We've always preferred Paris with shorter hair, not only does it give her a far more sophisticated look, it's also more flattering for her face shape. This graduated cut side swept bangs is hugely wearable and by sticking with her platinum blonde block color, Paris ensures she is bang on-trend. How to style it: Shape with a dryer and a vent brush, using flat iron to enhance the key sections.

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