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Weave Hairstyles

The long weave are just like the hair wigs. These are available in many colors and in all textures. These long weave are available in straight hair weave, curly hair weave or the wavy hair weave. The black hair weaves are made of hundred percents cotton.

The long Weave Hairstyles are great options for changing the look of your hair and hairstyles. The long weaves are also made of human hair are available. These are than add or sewed with your existing hair to change the look of your hair or to increase the volume of your hair. It is one of the big advantages of long weave hairstyles. The concept of black long weave hairstyles is more old and also of high demand and fame.

A long hair weave can be sewn or glued into the existing hair of yours. The sewing process or method usually takes from 1 to 4 hours depending on how much hair you want to have sewn in to your existing hair. With the exercise of proper application and maintenance, glue in hair weaves can last up to three weeks while sewn in weaves last up to 6 weeks. No matter what kind of weave style you are going to wear, a professional applied hair weave that is applied by a hair stylist can provide you the look that you are looking for.

Whether the hair is real or not the hair is hair that is beautiful all time. Black long weave hairstyles are often made from human hair and are much more ‘realistic’ in looking and feeling than synthetic and un-natural hair. Weaves are often named because they are ‘stitched and sewn’ into the real hair and therefore fall and hang naturally without leaving obvious bumps and humps on the head like a wig make over the hair. There are thousands of natural looking black long weave hairstyles. You can wear any of the long weave hairstyle to over come your problem of hair fall, hair loss due to any disease or deficiency of any vitamin or the thinness of the hair. All these problems can be solved by wearing long weaves hairstyles with your existing hairs.


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