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Hairstyles 03

There are so many teen stars, or actors who play teens at least, that the number of hairstyles is in great abundance. No matter if you have red hair, an oval shaped face or any other feature; there are plenty of hairstyles to copy from this source. Networks like Fox and the WB which thrive on teens to watch their shows produce hot hairstyle frequently in shows like The OC, One Tree Hill, and the old favorite Dawson's Creek. Nickelodeon and Disney always produce a number of new teen celebrities each year all providing different hairstyles. Movies like the recent 'Date Movie' or 'Final Destination 3' all have been playing actors with different hairstyle copying possibilities. These teen celebrities also sport some of the best hairstyles in their appearances at award shows and for some of the best formal hairstyles, there is no better choice. Some key names with great hairstyles to watch for include Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, and Rachel Jade Bilson, just to name a few.

The other hot source for teen hairstyles is in the music industry. Probably one of the hotter areas that is really diverse when it comes to different hairstyles. Because music has different genres each catering to a different crowd usually with different styles, the music industry caters to many different hairstyles. From everything from chic to punk, hot hairstyles in any form can usually be found on some musician. Rap artist Eminem probably drove a number of teens to get his crew cut hairstyle. Current favorites like Christina Aguilera, Evanescence, Greenday, and Hoobastank all provide different hairstyles for teens.

The hottest teen hairstyle from an actress probably is Hilary Duff. From everything from TV shows to movies to music, she has done it all and with great hairstyles as well. For teens with similar hair, Hilary Duff is a goldmine of different teen hairstyles from short to long lengths and from everyday wear to formal. Great layered hairstyles, formal hairstyles, and any other hairstyle can be found just from searching Google.com images for her name. She definitely is one of the hottest hair molds for teen hairstyles.

The girls and guys of The OC are another great hairstyle zone for both guys and girls. Actresses Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson, and Kelly Rowan all provide different types of hairstyles for teens. For the guys, the great hairstyles from teen hottie Adam Brody should be enough. From watching the shows or watching the celebrities at award shows should provide an abundance of hot teen hairstyles.

For guys, The WB is a great source for hairstyles; provide some very fashionable hairstyles that range from wavy to crew cut. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles of Supernatural both provide different styles suitable for different guys. Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty of One Tree Hill provide two more different styles. Each of these guys produces several different hairstyles in their shows and at other events as well. We didn't even need to mention the good old boy style of Tom Welling.

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