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Blonde Hairstyles 01

Dark blonde hair color proves to be a versatile color for all seasons. A shade that can vary from a dark golden tone to cooler tone of dark ash, this hair color is at the other end of platinum blonde and features different tones including warm, cool and neutral ones. While the warmer shades work great for summer and spring, the neutral and cooler shades seem to be an ideal option for autumn and winter. So if you are looking forward for coloring your hair in this shade, choosing any one of the color ideas listed in this guide will go along way in opting the right one.

Sandy blonde proves to be one of the perfect colors especially for people with cool skin tones. An ideal example of neutral blonde without any golden hues, this shade requires you to apply blue based toners so that the yellow tones can be tamed once you have finished bleaching. However selecting the right kind of hairstyle is also important when coloring your tresses with it. Opting for a textured hairstyle by cutting your hair in layers or including other interesting features like curls or bangs can go a long way in enhancing the look of sandy blonde.

Neutral golden blonde is another dark blonde hair color idea that proves to be a perfect option for people with warm skin tones. Unlike the regular golden blonde that features more of unnatural yellow tones, choosing a slightly neutral medium dark one with less golden tones can prove to be beneficial in making your tresses look natural and beautiful. Neutral golden looks beautiful especially in a hairstyle that is in an up do or is worn straight down. However it must be remembered that since neutral tones often change in artificial hair color pigments when they are exposed to various cleansing products or sun, maintaining them can prove to be difficult. Thus using a pigmented shampoo becomes vital to keep your tresses looking shiny and healthy.

Highlighting is great way to add some sparkle and shine in your hair. A perfect idea for all those who have colored into ash or neutral tones, adding highlights of brown or black will not only add more interest to your color but will also aid in breaking up the color, thus making you look more fashionable and trendy.

Blonde Hairstyles
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