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Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is like Goddess Beauty comes down from heaven to earth, Adriana Lima is a woman who has an incredible charm, Adriana Lima is a woman with extraordinary charm when in front of the camera and in real life, the beauty Adriana Lima has an external and in, Adriana Lima has a beauty in the heart, since it is admitted to all over the world if good-hearted Adriana Lima also has an interesting personal, Adriana Lima has on physical beauty, it was evident that at the time Adriana Lima has a body shape outside hackneyed wonderful for anyone to see, Adriana Lima has a sleek and beautiful eyes, Adriana Lima has a hair style and a charming hairdo once for anyone to see, Adriana Lima has incredible breasts in shape once beautiful and tasty too if only could feel the delicious, Adriana Lima has once legs are super beautiful and full of charm in seconds', Adriana Lima is a famous celebrity in the world of modeling this year.

Adriana Lima has a career that success once, some time ago Adriana Lima became advertising model specific outfit women, namely Bra with prices most expensive in the world, Adriana Lima is a model from Victoria's Secret, Adriana Lima has a full name Adriana Francesca Lima, Adriana Lima was born on date, 12 June 1981, Adriana Lima was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, Adriana Lima has once high ideal body that is 178, the name of the father of Adriana Lima is Nelson Torres, the name of the mother of Adriana Lima, Maria da Graca Lima, Adriana Lima has married a famous basketball player, Marko Jaric, Adriana Lima currently has several funny too intelligent children, Adriana Lima modeling often appears in international fashion underwear show at this time, Adriana Lima often appear in a special magazine to model this year's international class.

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