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Cool and Trendy Hairstyles for Mens 2013

Cool and Trendy Hairstyles for Mens 2013

Cool and Trendy Hairstyles for Mens 2013 - In mid-January, all eyes are fixed on the fashion metropolis of Italy. On the ' Moda Milano/', the famous fashion houses are presenting what men will be wearing in the fall and winter of 2013. Here they are: our favorite hair style of the 3,292 man to go with the new mode!

The Wavy Top Heavy Cut

beautiful hairstyles for very trendy and bribe fashyon!, so only if you are lazy to dress up hair or if you do not want to waste time dresses kaka isn't a hairstyle that will be for you but if you ok place edi gow, good luck! kaka kaka blower and comb!. :))))

The Arched Quiff

The freshness of the hairstyle just to know you're wearing a tendency to care for dealing with unmanageable shower or not he sinuklay.
The James Franco
Whether it is! The Winners! something for people with a strong facial features such as mapanga cheekbones and (hip to eat!). Very sleek and polished by means of modern hair styling tong t, James Franco inspired hairstyles try to search on google, this is what hair styles!.

The Blended Short Cut

This is what all my favorite haircut time! easy fix, you can wax dry hair just to leave the House! tska need not worry that you break that hinahangin hair style. May also be a flame of haircuts that all types of fear hanging your place.

The Peaked Jagged Cut

Still others all the time favorite barrel to hairstyle, a hairstyle you have always made my hair stylist Jing Monist I! choz! (The Barber Shop only!). You look like a clean shower three times a day, splitting the former girl, a very bad boy and not that hard to fix.

The Straight Blow Back
Clamp the perfect hairstyle that You aatend to prom, black tie event, wedding/party packs all the other great opportunities, but can also change other party!. Sleek, polished and hair style for the modern

The Sleek Side Comb
very Mad Men tong hairstyle na to, muli siyang nagbabalik mula sa panahon ni Jose Rizal! hahahaha
diba bongga lang!.

The Curly Top Fop
o guys! prepare niyo na mga buhok niyo kasi mukhang mauuso ngayon ang curls sa lalaki kaya tara na't bumili ng curling iron! hahahahaha

So people hurry counting of our favorite barber shop or Parlor and hair cuts for the new year!
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