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Best Hairstyles 02

When looking for best hairstyles for men with triangular face shapes you need to first ensure that you have that shape of face. So here are the hints of whether this is your face shape or not. Sometimes you might have been told you have a pear shaped face. Your cheekbones and forehead will be narrower, while your jaw is wider.

Hairstyles for this shape of face are ones that will help to narrow the look of your chin and make your forehead look wider. You can not only use the hairstyle but eyeglasses to help pull the look off nicely. This is a rare shape of face in men and a more difficult one to get a good hairstyle for.

You may want to attempt a layered hairstyle because it will help soften up the jaw line and balance it out a bit compared to the rest of your face. With a shorter hairstyle with the layers on tops and sides can help your hair be more round and have more volume.

Or a medium style hair cut that uses bangs that are swept to the side or more of a shag style will work well with this type of face shape. Beards will help to balance out the look of your face as well. You need to remember that you are trying to pull the attention away from your jaw line.

Men with this shape of face need to stay away from longer hairstyles, because they will draw more attention to your chin. But if your bound and determined to have longer hair, make sure that you stop the hair at your nape.

Best Hairstyles
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