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Weave Hairstyles 01

Fortunately for the women of today, gone are the days when they would have to endure having an odd and unnatural-looking contraption attached to their scalps in the form of a hair weave. The advancements in technology also brought about improvements in the many different services offered by stylists in salons so you can now let your personal style shine with today's top black hair weave hairstyles.

Before enumerating the styles that you can wear, let's first take a look at how weaves are incorporated into your strands and what their styling benefits are.

Basically, a hair weave (also known as an extension) is a treatment offered by stylists in salons which provide women (and men) with natural black hair the option of having longer, thicker hair - without having to actually wait for it to grow. As the name implies, there is a weaving process wherein either natural or human hair will be incorporated into your own natural locks and it is attached quite close to the scalp.

Weave Hairstyles
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