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Wavy Hairstyles 03

These days, there is no one look that really is the it thing. Luckily, there are a number of different looks for both men and women that will keep them looking in style and are also easy to maintain. Hairstyles for wavy hair are in abundance, making it easier than ever for those with not straight but not necessarily curly hair to have a good cut and feel good about themselves when they look in the mirror.

Mid length hair styles seem to be very trendy right now for women. You and your wavy hair can rest easy that you do not need to spend hours with blow dryers, hair straighteners and all kinds of other products, trying to tame your mane.

Hair swept back over the ear is easy to take care of. You can wear your wavy do longer on top and push it back over your ear, one ear or both. Leave it a little longer in the back or have it cut up high and straight in an asymmetrical bob. Leave the side front pieces longer and you will have one of today's hottest looks.

For guys with wavy hair, you do not have to worry about shaving your head to keep things in order these days. The ultra clean cut look is on the way out which is great for guys like you. You can keep the sides cropped clean and short but leave it longer on top and give it your own look or you can even leave it longer all over and enjoy a relaxed style that you can wear even to the office these days.

Wavy Hairstyles
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