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Natural Hairstyles 04

I recall having read somewhere that one's voice forms about 15 percent of one's personality. That is, when you meet someone, she is likely to be substantially influenced by your voice in the impression that she forms of you. I am not sure if the assertion really holds true, nor how exactly it was arrived at. However, I do believe that one's natural hairstyle must go a long way, indeed, in the initial impact that one makes upon everyone whom one encounters in one's everyday living. Going by the virtual obsession that the millions worldwide have with their natural hairstyles, it would appear that one's success and happiness in relationships must be positively influenced by one's appearance and hairstyle.

One's appearance is a complex trait that is composed of several separate constituents. Your height, physique or figure, your general good health, and particularly your facial features are all sundry aspects of your personality. There can be no universally "best" natural hairstyle. You should choose a natural hairstyle after considering your facial features, in a bid to complement and maximize the distinctive traits of each.

The shape of your face ought to greatly determine the type of natural hairstyle that you opt for. An oval face has umpteen natural hairstyle options available. You may opt for long or short hair, curly or wavy, with or without bangs, and the like. A round face looks attractive with a full head of hair, and straight hair running down the side. People with heart-shaped faces, wide foreheads and tiny chins ought to experiment with wavy curls and a chin-length Bob. Square-shaped faces naturally lend themselves to bangs, flowing layers, or even wavy or curly hair. If you have a long face, you wouldn't want your natural hairstyle to make it any longer. So, medium-length hair, layered, and with bangs would do the trick.

Shoulder-length natural hairstyles seem trendy and are a great favorite of several celebrities. This variety allows a versatile range of flattering natural hairstyles, such as fringes, shags, choppy links, and others. At present, the wide swept fringe is deemed the most fashionable. This has the locks of the hair slightly curled inward at the end.

Natural Hairstyles
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